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Trailer,Synopsis & Storyline :

The Wedding Ringer Full Movie Socially ungainly Doug Harris (Josh Gad) is two weeks from wedding the lady (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) he had always wanted, yet he has an issue: He doesn’t have any groomsmen for the event. Frantic and coming up short on time, Doug calls upon Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart), proprietor and administrator of Best Man Inc., an organization that gives specialists to forlorn grooms. As Doug tries to pull off the con, a manly relationship out of the blue blooms in the middle of Jimmy and himself, more details .

Jimmy gives an exceptionally specific administration. He is paid to be the best man at weddings for cumbersome introverts who don’t have any companions. He remains by grooms on the day of their wedding so they won’t feel like desolate washouts. Doug is one of those clumsy introverts who needs Jimmy’s administrations. The issue is he has lied about his closest companion’s name, which now has Jimmy attempting to take after alongside the falsehoods, and has made nine groomsmen as well. In the wake of offering this lie to his life partner, Doug now needs Jimmy to fortify this place of untruths. On the off chance that it falls, it fates Doug to losing the affection for his life.

Doug Harris (Josh Gad) is an adorable yet socially cumbersome man of the hour to-be with an issue: he has no best man. With under two weeks to go until he weds the young lady he had always wanted (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting), Doug is alluded to Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart), proprietor and CEO of Best Man, Inc., an organization that gives complimenting best men to socially tested folks in need. What follows is a funny wedding act as they attempt to pull off the huge con, and a startling growing manly relationship in the middle of Doug and his fake best man Jimmy.


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