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Non Stop Full Movie Alcoholic and world-exhausted, U.S. Air Marshal Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) lost his energy for his work long back. Despite the fact that lives are possibly in question amid each flight, he sees the task as only a work area work. Be that as it may, his « conventional day at the workplace » turns into a high-stakes emergency amid a flight to London. Marks gets a progression of instant messages requesting that he educate the carrier to move $150 million into a seaward record, or a traveler will kick the bucket at regular intervals, more details .

Filling in as an air marshal, Bill Marks must be prepared for whatever comes his direction. On a direct flight from New York to London, he reveals a connivance that requires activity. He gets instant messages letting him know that unless $150 million is exchanged to a financial balance in an undisclosed area, a traveler will pass on at regular intervals. The fear is dialed up a couple of more scores when it is found that the ledger is in his name. Instantly he’s thought to be a robber. He takes off through the different ranges of the plane, requiring to demonstrate his innocence, as well as to locate the genuine terrorist and salvage the planeload of individuals before calamity strikes.

Charge Marks, a previous cop drinking so as to manage his girl’s passing, is presently a government air marshal. While on a flight from New York to London, Marks gets a content letting him know that unless 150 million dollars is exchanged to a seaward record, somebody will bite the dust at regular intervals. Could he discover the terrorist in time and spare everybody?

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