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Trailer,Synopsis & Storyline :

Night at the Museum 2014 Full Movie At the point when the shows at New York’s Natural History Museum begin carrying on peculiarly, Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) – now the chief of evening operations – must figure out the reason. He discovers that the Tablet, which mystically brings Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams), Jedediah (Owen Wilson) and alternate displays to life around evening time, has begun to rot. Larry, alongside his child and historical center companions, must go to London’s British Museum to figure out how to keep the Tablet’s enchantment from vanishing, more details .

The historical center wakes up around evening time. Old statues, monkey shows and dolls all wake up with the assistance of enchantment. The force originates from The Tablet of Ahkmenrah. Larry Daley, the night guardian at the gallery, has spared the tablet and the exhibition hall some time recently. He should save the gallery’s enchantment once more. This time, the tablet’s enchantment is kicking the bucket, and Larry must leave on a journey that will take him around the globe. It’s the main way he can figure out how to spare the tablet’s enchantment. He should join the absolute most well known gallery displays and top picks to keep the enchantment from kicking the bucket totally.

At the Museum of Natural History, there’s another display being disclosed. Larry Daley, who deals with the night show where the displays spring up as a result of the Tablet of Ahkmenrah, is responsible for the presentation. However, when the displays go astray, Larry ends up stuck in an unfortunate situation. He takes in the Tablet is consuming so he does some examination and discovers that Cecil, the previous historical center gatekeeper, was at the site when the Tablet was found. He tells Larry they were cautioned on the off chance that they uproot it could mean the end. Larry acknowledges it implies the end of the enchantment. He converses with Ahkmenrah who says that he doesn’t know anything. Just his dad the Pharaoh knows the Tablet’s mysteries. He discovers that the Pharaoh was sent to the London historical center. So he persuades Dr. McPhee, the historical center custodian, to send him to London. He brings Ahkmenrah with him yet a percentage of the others follow along, similar to Teddy Roosevelt, Attila, Octavius, and Jedediah.

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