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Trailer,Synopsis & Storyline :

Lucy Full Movie At the point when a sweetheart traps Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) into conveying an attaché to a gathered business contact, the once-cheerful understudy is snatched by hooligans who mean to transform her into a medication donkey. She is surgically embedded with a bundle containing an intense concoction, however it spills into her framework, giving her superhuman capacities, including telekinesis and clairvoyance. With her previous captors in interest, Lucy searches out a neurologist (Morgan Freeman), who she trusts will have the capacity to help her, more details .

Lucy runs drugs for a criminal pack in Taiwan. One morning, she awakens to find her stomach wrapped in a swathe and no memory of how it happened. She is then conveyed to her managers, who advise her she should transport an exceptional bunch of medications. Once at the area, she is bound to a seat and manhandled by her captors. In any case, something happens to Lucy. The medications inside her have transformed her, giving her superhuman quality, reflexes and insight. She searches out a researcher named Professor Norman, who finds Lucy is getting to more of her cerebrum. As she fights criminal groups, Norman fears when Lucy can use her full mind limit, it could imperil the eventual fate of the world.

It should be a basic employment. All Lucy needed to do was convey a strange satchel to Mr. Jang. In any case, instantly Lucy is made up for lost time in a nightmarish arrangement where she is caught and transformed into a medication donkey for another and intense engineered drug. At the point when the pack she is conveying within her stomach releases, Lucy’s body experiences incomprehensible changes that starts to open her brain’s maximum capacity. With her newly discovered forces, Lucy transforms into an unfeeling warrior purpose on settling the score with her captors. She gets significant assistance from Professor Norman, the main power on the human personality, and French police chief Pierre Del Rio

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