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Jane Got a Gun Full Movie  With assistance from her ex (Joel Edgerton), a lady (Natalie Portman) must protect her family from a vindictive fugitive (Ewan McGregor) and his posse of executioners in the Old West,more details .

Jane is hitched to a bandit in the Old West and deals with the family cultivate. When her spouse appears at home with eight projectile gaps in his body and scarcely alive, Jane first should figure out how to keep him alive. She soon finds that the group who shot her spouse will more than likely appear at the ranch to complete the deed. Jane must connect with a past partner to offer her some assistance with defending her homestead and life.

Jane Got a Gun focuses on Jane Hammond, who has manufactured another existence with her spouse Bill « Ham » Hammond subsequent to being tormented by the ultra-brutal Bishop Boys outlaw posse. She ends up in the group’s focus at the end of the day when Ham staggers home loaded with slugs in the wake of dueling with the Boys and their steady driving force Colin. With the wrathful team hot on Ham’s trail, Jane has no place to swing yet to her previous life partner Dan Frost for help in safeguarding her family against certain decimation. Frequented by old recollections, Jane’s past meets the present in a heart-ceasing fight for survival.

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