Where to Invade Next Full Movie

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Trailer,Synopsis & Storyline :

Where to Invade Next Full Movie Movie producer Michael Moore visits different nations to inspect how Europeans view work, training, medicinal services, sex, equity, and different issues. From cafeteria nourishment to sex ed, Moore takes a gander at the formal of educating in France, Finland and Slovenia. In Italy, he wonders about how specialists appreciate sensible hours and liberal excursion time. In Portugal, Moore noticed the impacts of the decriminalization of medications. Through his voyages, we find exactly how distinctive America is from whatever is left of the world, more details.

To show what the USA can gain from rest of the world, executive Michael Moore energetically visits different countries in Europe and Africa as a small time « trespasser » to take their thoughts and practices for America. Whether it is Italy with its liberal get-away time allocations, France with its gourmet school snacks, German with its mechanical strategy, Norway and its jail framework, Tunisia and its unequivocally dynamic ladies’ approach and Iceland and its solid female nearness in government and business among others, Michael Moore finds there is much that American ought to copy.

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