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Trailer,Synopsis & Storyline :

Identicals Full Movie A man (Lachlan Nieboer) springs enthusiastically when an innovative association that replaces individuals with clones focuses on his sweetheart (Nora-Jane Noone), more details.

Slater has an enchanted life; an incredible occupation and an extraordinary sweetheart. Until one day his better half is snatched by Brand New-U. They are in the matter of getting new lives for their customers. By finding a customer’s indistinguishable, somebody who looks, strolls and talks like them, and after that supplanting the indistinguishable with their customer. Slater is presently determined to recover his better half and he’ll go to whatever lengths important to accomplish his objective.

The association Brand New-U distinguishes systems of IDENTICALS – individuals who walk like you, talk like you, however are strolling through various, better lives – and offers their clients some assistance with making an existence overhaul: killing the better-life giver, and moving their customer to that shiny new life. Slater appears to have the ideal life, the ideal occupation and the ideal sweetheart. However, when Slater’s better half is stole by Brand New-U, and a carcass departed in her place, he is compelled to end up an Identical. As he travels through a progression of parallel lives, he turns out to be increasingly fixated on discovering his better half, however what he should discover at last is himself.

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