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Trailer,Synopsis & Storyline :

A previous S.W.A.T pioneer and the pompous film star shadowing him must sort out the surviving individuals from a preparation office against a group of soldiers of fortune who have grabbed the compound, more details.

Extreme road cop and previous SWAT group pioneer David Hendrix is stuck riding alongside gathering adoring Hollywood motion picture star Brody Walker, who is serving his court-commanded group administration for his DUIs. In spite of the two not holding, David takes Brody back to the police preparing central station to invest some energy unwinding and hanging out. However their night gets hindered when hired soldiers chose to assume control over the office. Once their goal turns out to be clear, David and Brody will need to cooperate on the off chance that they need to get out alive.

Previous SWAT pioneer David Hendrix is down on his fortunes and has neglected to get medicinal leeway subsequent to taking a shot at work. In spite of being exceedingly prepared and able, his endeavors have been lessened to routine assignments for the NYPD. As though things couldn’t deteriorate, he’s been compelled to keep an eye on Walker, a hard celebrating VIP that has been sent on a required ride along as a feature of his probation. Spoiled and bothering, Walker is the exact opposite thing Hendrix needs. Be that as it may, the greater part of that progressions when a police preparing office goes under assault by a group of savage soldiers of fortune drove by the secretive Korver. Presently, Hendrix and Walker must gather as one with the remaining survivors to battle back and keep the soldiers of fortune from overwhelming the compound…. in the event that they don’t murder each other first.

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