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Trailer,Synopsis & Storyline : 

Godzilla 2014 Full Movie Passage Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), a Navy bomb master, has recently rejoined with his family in San Francisco when he is compelled to go to Japan to help his antagonized father, Joe (Bryan Cranston). Before long, both men are cleared up in a raising emergency when Godzilla, King of the Monsters, emerges from the ocean to battle vindictive enemies that undermine the survival of mankind. The animals leave monster pulverization afterward, as they advance to their last battleground: San Francisco, more details .

The incredible story of Godzilla returns thundering to life. This time, it’s the present day period, and Godzilla is a goliath reptile who has been made fearsome through the obstruction of radiation. As he rises up out of the profundities to wreak ruin on the world, the legislatures unite to battle this grave risk. The majority of the innovative force that can be brought downward on Godzilla’s head is gathered together, yet warrior planes shooting out rockets and bigger bombs being brought out of their arms stockpiles additionally represent a risk to the general masses. Will it be conceivable to cut down this mammoth without sprinkling wanton pulverization down on pure individuals? Is it conceivable that there could be some other method for managing this apparently overpowering risk?

In 1999, the Janjira atomic plant was bafflingly devastated with most hands lost including boss Joe Brody’s partner and wife, Sandra. A long time later, Joe’s child, Ford, a US Navy arms transfer officer, must go to Japan to help his irritated father who fanatically hunt down reality of the occurrence. In doing as such, father and child find the calamity’s mystery cause on the disaster area’s extremely grounds. This empowers them to witness the stiring of an awful risk to all of Humanity, which is exacerbated all the with a second mystery recovery somewhere else. Against this upheaval, the main trust on the planet might be Godzilla, yet the test for the King of the Monsters will be incredible even as Humanity battles to comprehend the ruinous associate they have.

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