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Trailer,Synopsis & Storyline :

Glassland Full Movie A poor Dublin cab driver (Jack Reynor) is compelled to take a shady side occupation to pay for his alcoholic mother’s (Toni Collette) immoderate recovery at a private facility, more details.

John is a young fellow who makes his living as the driver of a taxi in the city of Dublin. At the point when his mom succumbs to the ailment of liquor addiction, John battles to discover enough cash to bolster his mom’s outing to a costly private recovery facility. When he chooses to tackle a second occupation, John gets maneuvered into a scrappy underworld, and he is stirred up in a human trafficking ring.Set in Dublin Glassland recounts the tale of a youthful cab driver (Reynor) who gets tangled up in the realm of human trafficking while attempting to spare his mom (Collette) from compulsion.

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