A Million Ways to Die in the West Full Movie

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A Million Ways to Die in the West Full Movie Unassuming sheep rancher Albert Stark (Seth MacFarlane) feels sure that the Western outskirts is attempting to execute him, then he loses his sweetheart, Louise (Amanda Seyfried), to the town’s best specialist. In any case, a wonderful, gun pressing lady named Anna (Charlize Theron) rides into town and offers Albert some assistance with finding his inward bravery. At that point Stark must put his recently discovered fortitude under a magnifying glass when Anna’s criminal spouse lands with arrangements to plant him in an unmarked grave, more details .

Albert is a fearful, hypochondriac sheep agriculturist who loses his better half after he retreats from a duel. Set in Arizona 1882, he soon meets Anna, a woman gunslinger, who shows him the artistic work of shooting, helping him find his certainty and dauntlessness, with clever results. These newly discovered aptitudes and certainty are rapidly put under serious scrutiny when her spouse, a scandalous gunslinger, comes back to town and requests payback. Albert must choose whether to turn and keep running, as he’s done previously, or stand and battle for the lady he adores.

Set in 1882 in the American west, Albert is a modest agriculturist with a pleasant sweetheart. Be that as it may, when she abandons him for the more effective and good looking proprietor of a moustachery store, Albert comes back to his forlorn every day life of attempting to maintain a strategic distance from death. At that point the secretive Anna rides into town and catches Albert’s advantage and heart, however with her dangerous spouse around the local area, Albert must turn into the western firearm throwing saint he never was. It won’t be simple on the grounds that there are a million approaches to bite the dust in the west.

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